Dr. Michael T. "Mick" Maurer is a crisis management expert prepared to train individuals to be
resilient for themselves, their families and their businesses in New York and throughout the
world in response to all hazards, which include terrorism and other potential
manmade/systemic/natural disasters.

Mick is a Specialist in the areas of Disaster Mental Health and its treatment (CBT, CISD/CISM,
EMDR, CCP, SIT CAP-ART, and Psychological First Aid), Individual & Collective Responses to
Disasters, the Role of Religion in the Understanding of Disasters and Terrorism, Disaster
Chaplain Training, and Research & Analysis Methods in Disaster Management.  Specializing in
the Impact of Violence, Disaster, and War & Terrorism upon Adolescent Development.

Also, Dr. Mick is trained in Adlerian Individual Psychology, in Modern Psychoanalysis, Adolescent
Development, and EAP/Substance Abuse Counseling & Research.  He has a strong background
in Curriculum Writing for Emergency & Disaster Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection,
and Business Continuity, as well as in Adlerian Individual Psychology Techniques/Adlerian Group
Therapy/Adlerian-Dreikurian Child & Adolescent Therapy with Parenting Education, and the
Adlerian & Corsini Four-R System Individual Education Instructional Techniques.

Additionally, Dr. Maurer has over 20 years experience of direct individual, couple/marital, family,
& group psychotherapy in combination with over 10 years of clinical supervision of therapists &
psychology doctoral interns/fellows. Along with 26 years teaching experience (20 at the
college/six (6) at the high school levels) and over 40 years of adult education and training.

He has five (5) years direct planning experience in AIDS/HIV Title I/Title II application &
planning process for HRSA, & Pennsylvania State 106 Prevention; six (6) years Community
Prevention Planning for the CDC in Philadelphia and New York City; and two (2) years for the
HUD HOPWA programs. With over seven (7) years experience at the Federal/State/Local levels
of public advocacy work, governmental relations, and lobbying on health care issues (AIDS
funding, VA formulary, Medicare reform, Medicaid reform, AIDS Prevention) and hate crimes

Dr. Mick has been involved with social/behavioral research on HIV medication adherence, club
drug use, and sexual behavior from October 1999-August 2001. He was Principal Researcher on
a Demonstration Project on Workforce Training to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental
Health Services. Dr. Maurer served on the Board of Directors of The Body Positive, Inc. that was
a major HIV/AIDS services organization that had been located in lower Manhattan in the South
Street Seaport. He also volunteered at the Body Positive as a Clinical Supervisor for their group
leaders. Mick was also Clinical Editor for EFFECTIVE PARENTING: 10 Steps to ADDing Good
Behavior!, by Kyle F. Walsh, published in July 1997 for parents with children diagnosed with

Dr. Maurer was the founder and the first director of the Metropolitan College of New York's
Master of Public Administration in Emergency & Disaster Management degree program.
Established in the wake of 9/11, when the national landscape changed forever, an emphasis on
security and crisis management was born.

Dr. Maurer was the founder and first director in 1989 of what is now known as The Counseling
Center of Holy Redeemer .
Mick Maurer in MCNY ad
Mick Maurer in New York Times
Previous Consulting:

Health Educator, Crohn’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patient Advocacy Program, with Community Access, a
division of IssueSphere, Inc. as funded by Centocor, Inc., NYC, NY     September 1999-October 1999

Instructor, Diocese of Trenton/SFMC Pastoral Ministry Training Program; Trenton, NJ
April 1990 - May 1993
- Phase I Workshop
a. Concepts in Pastoral Care
b. Managing Stress/Anxiety in Pastoral Care
- Phase II Workshop
a. Personality & Faith: Issues for Pastoral Management
b. Ministry to People in Crisis
c. Communication Skills for Pastoral Ministry
- Phase III Workshop
a. Personality Disorders
b. Case Studies
- Enrichment Day
a. Health, Head & Holiness
b. Twelve-Step Spirituality

Co-Facilitator/Consultant, Committee for Continuing Education & the Office of Ministry to Priests of the Diocese of
Metuchen, NJ     1992
- Human Sexuality: A vision for Priests; a three-part workshop for Roman Catholic  Diocesan & Religious Priests in
the Metuchen Diocese
- Counseling for priests with sexual issues & compulsion disorders

Co-Facilitator, Management Development Program; St. Joseph Medical Center; Reading, PA  May - July 1991
- Progress Through Growth: Understanding Self & Others training for
a. Middle Management Team
b. Executive Management Team
c. Management Council/Interact Members

Co-Facilitator/Consultant, to the Mission Effectiveness Vice President of the Holy Redeemer Health System, Inc.;
Huntingdon Valley, PA     February 1988 - April 1991
- Values in Leadership Program for Senior & Middle Management Teams from
a. Holy Redeemer Hospital & Medical Center
b. St. Joseph Manor Nursing Home
c. Holy Redeemer/Nazareth Home Health Care Agency
d. Holy Redeemer Medical Supply Company
e. Redeemer Village Retirement Center
f. Rainbow House Maternal & Infant Residential Training Center

Facilitator/Consultant, St. Agnes Medical Center; Philadelphia PA
- for the Executive Management Team for
developing an out-house EAP in 1990
- for the Vice President, Patient Services, May - July 1994
a. Patient Services Clinical Manager Management Development & Team
Effectiveness training
b. Surgical Nursing & Support Staff Team Development training

Consultant, Mercy Catholic Medical Center - Fitzgerald Division; Upper Darby, PA  March - Sept. 1990
- for
developing an in-house Employee Assistance Program

•        February 24, 2005, 14th Annual Symposium on Contemporary Urban Challenges: Post 9/11 Cities: The Terrorist
Threat and Its Implications for Planning and Policing Urban Areas, sponsored by The Fordham Urban Law Journal and the
Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics.
•        2004 – FEMA Higher Education Conference, panel discussion, “Challenges of New Disaster and Emergency
Management Programs,” and facilitator, “Disaster/Emergency Management Core Curriculum Breakout Session – Graduate
        2004 – Medgar Evers College/CUNY Ninth Annual Conference on Environmental Issues: “Learning the Facts about
Environmental Disasters, Homeland Security & Compliance Obligations”: Homeland Security Panel
•        2000 – Discussant, Community Colloquium Series, Center for HIV Educational Studies & Training, HIV Medications In
The Pipeline: How to Keep Current About New Treatments
•        2000 – symposium presentation at American Psychological Association annual meeting, Washington, DC, Sexual
Practices of combined methamphetamine and nitrate users
•        1999 – New York University, Department of Applied Psychology, NYC, NY, Colloquium: Combined
methamphetamine/nitrate use & sexual risk taking
•        1999 - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA HIV/AIDS; Prevention, Policy, Practice
•        1998 - Bucks County AIDS Network World AIDS Day Conference, Sheraton Hotel-Bucks County; Langhorne, PA
Current Trends in Washington/Harrisburg & Trenton on AIDS Policy
•        1998 - Log Cabin National AIDS Policy Institute Congressional Policy Briefing, Dirkson Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC AIDS: Changing Solutions for a Changing Epidemic - Solutions in Action
•        1997 - LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Policy, Practice
•        1997 - The United States Conference on AIDS, Miami Beach, FL Race, Gender, & New Medications (results of a survey
of 1,069 HIV+ people)
•        1992 - New Jersey Employee Health Nurses Association, Princeton, NJ The Americans with Disabilities Act:
Perspectives for Employee Health Providers
•        1992 - St. Francis Medical Center Management Grand Rounds, Trenton, NJ EAP Disability and the Americans with
Disabilities Act
•        1986 - North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, Region IV Conference - Philadelphia, PA ACTIVE PARENTING:
Basic Goal of Child’s Action in Biblical Personalities
•        1986 - Duquesne University/Congregation of the Holy Ghost-USA East Libermann Day Celebration; Pittsburgh, PA
Libermann: The Soul, The Spirit & The Spiritual Director
•        1985 - National Alcoholism Council Convention Forum Poster Session Presentation; San Francisco, CA Addiction Not
Unknown In Community Rooms, Religious Life
•        1984 - National Assembly of Religious Brothers Convention, Chicago, IL Addiction: Identifying, Reintegration into
Community (Audiotape available through NARB)
1983 - North American Spiritan Educators Conference; Ottawa/Hull, Canada The Educational Theory of Claude Francois
Poullet-Des Places
Mick Maurer
Mick Maurer at MCNY

I CAN COPE CANCER EDUCATION, October-November 1997, The Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical
Center; October-November 1990, St. Francis Medical Center
BE-ATTITUDE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP, February-March 1988, The Holy Redeemer Hospital and
Medical Center; October-November 1990, St. Francis Medical Center
STEPS TO WHOLENESS FOR THE WIDOW/WIDOWER, April-June 1989, October-November 1990, Our
Lady of Good Counsel Church; February 1992, St. Agnes Church; May-June 1990, April-May 1991, St. Francis
Medical Center
STEPS TO WHOLENESS FOR THE DIVORCED PERSON, February-March 1990, April-May 1990, Our Lady
of Good Counsel Church/Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; September-December 1992, St. Francis Medical
ACTIVE PARENTING, March-April 1986, June-July 1986, October-November 1986, March-April 1987,
Holy Ghost Preparatory High School; September-October 1991, February-April 1992, February-April 1993, St.
Francis Medical Center; September-December 1992, Neshaminy Adult School
ACTIVE PARENTING OF TEENS, March-April 1992, March-May 1993, St. Francis Medical Center
FAMILY TALK, September-October 1991, November-December 1992, St. Francis Medical Center;
September-December 1992, Neshaminy Adult School
STRESS MANAGEMENT, March 1992, October-November 1992, St. Francis Medical Center; February
1997, Philadelphia EMA HIV Commission
WINDOWS: HEALING & HELPING THROUGH LOSS, April-May 1992, October 1992, April 1993, St.
Francis Medical Center
LOSS: BEREAVEMENT TRAINING FOR HELPERS, April 1992, April 1993, St. Francis Medical Center
PARENTS WITH CAREERS, September-November 1992, St. Francis Medical Center
HIV/PWA SUPPORT GROUP, January 1991-January 1993, Philadelphia Community Health
Alternatives/AIDS Task Force; August 1992-January 1993, Hunterdon County (NJ) AIDS Task Force; November
1992, for group facilitators for Berks County (PA) AIDS Task Force
WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE (a group for those responding to new medications & thinking about
returning to work) March 1997-May 1997, Philadelphia Community Health Alternatives/AIDS Task Force
Mick Maurer at Holy Ghost Prep
Mick Maurer
Professional Membership

  •      The Public Policy Action Network (PPAN) of the American Psychological Association (APA) 1997 – to present
  •      American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2003 – to present
             Division Membership: New York Metro Area
                   Section on Emergency and Crisis Management
Section on Public Administration Education
Section on Transportation Policy and Administration
  •       American Public Health Association (APHA) 1973 - to present
  •       American Psychological Society (APS) 1988 – to present
  •       American Management Association (AMA) 1992 – to present
  •       American Association of University Professors (AAUP) 2003 – to present
  •       International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) 2004 – to present, Training & Education Committee   
    Feb. 2006-present
IAEM Website
Services Provided by Dr. Maurer

•        Member, Training and Education Committee, International Association of Emergency Managers

•        Member, Emergency Services Committee, International Association of Emergency Managers    

 Services Provided

•  Curriculum Development
•  Disaster Management 
•  NIMS/ICS Training
•  Incidents of National 
Consequence Training
•  Exercise, Drills & Table Top 
Training &
•  CAMEO Suite
•  PS-Prep
•  Distance Learning
•  Mental Health All-Hazards 
Disaster Planning
•  Trauma & Loss Research & 
•  Individual & Collective 
Responses to
•  Disaster Exposure & PTSD 
Ego State Therapy,
First Aid Training
•  Disaster Chaplain Training
•  Crisis Counseling Assistance 
& Training (CCP)
•  Structured Sensory Therapy 
•  Disaster Mental Health 
•  Adlerian (Individual) 
•  Modern Psychoanalysis
•  Military Psychology
•  Research & Analysis 
Methods in Disaster 

Specializing in the Impact 
of Violence,
Disaster, and 
War & Terrorism upon 

Adolescent Development.