Mick Maurer
HGP is a private all male Catholic prep high school
run by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost in
Bensalem, PA. 505 students. Founded in 1897.
Mick Maurer
Acting Headmaster, Holy Ghost Preparatory High School; Bensalem, PA  
February 11 - June 25, 1987
- oversee daily activities of 40 faculty and 220 students
- recruitment
- budget development and oversight
- creating a faculty handbook and development of a school mission statement
- preside at graduation

Director of Campus Ministry, Holy Ghost Preparatory High School; Bensalem, PA
September 1985 - June 1987
- coordination of student & school sacramental & liturgical celebrations
- coordination student retreats & senior social justice retreat programs
- vocational outreach to students in area parishes for the Eastern U.S. Province of
the Congregation of the Holy Ghost
teacher of Freshman Church History; Sophomore Sexuality & Dating; Junior &
Senior Social  Justice; Senior Honors Course in Theology & Neo-Humanism
freshman soccer coach; league coordinator intramural indoor soccer program;
coach community indoor soccer team;
assistant varsity soccer coach (League
Champs 1985 & 1986; Division Champs 1986; State Runners Up 1986)
- faculty moderator for Music Club, Liturgical Choir, Sophomore Class, Fathers
Association,Spiritual Life Committee, & the Peer Ministry Training Program
- regional representative to the Enlarged provincial Council for the Eastern U.S.
Province of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost for the Philadelphia Region
Mick Maurer
Introducing Grenada's UN ambassador Lamuel Stanislaus
Rev. Patrick Bascio, CSSp, PhD has worked internationally on
human rights campaigns and has been the Economic Advisor to the
Prime Minister of Grenada and that country's representative and
Counselor to various United Nations committees. In addition, he is
the Former Director of the Salve Regina University Master's
Program in Humanities and the Founder and Director of the PhD
Program. His teaching duties have included the University of the
West Indies (Port of Spain, Trinidad) and Umbwe College (Mount
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania).
His publications include The UN Was My
(1979). Father Pat was a confrere & fellow faculty member
at the Prep,  responsible for my becoming the Acting Headmaster.
Church of St. Mark the Evangelist (88) Grade School
65 West 138th Street in Harlem, New York staffed by the
Congregation of the Holy Ghost.
Haitian Spiritan Community Refugee Center in Brooklyn, NY.  The Spiritans were expelled
by dictator Papa Doc François Duvalier, who in 1964 declared himself President-for-Life
and formed the infamous paramilitary Tonton Makout. The corrupt Duvalier dictatorship
marks one of the saddest chapters in Haitian history with tens of thousands killed or
exiled. The students from HGP also visited the Washington Office on Haiti.
Hales Franciscan High School - Chicago, IL
Director of Guidance and Counseling, Hales Franciscan High School; Chicago, IL
September 1982 - August 1985
- coordination & administration of ACT/PSAT Testing Program
- student academic, mental health, family & addiction counseling
- coordination & establishment of faculty student advisement program
teacher Freshman Religion, Social Justice, & English Literature
- coordinator of College Admission Fair
- college admission counseling and scholarship application & referral
- maintenance of college catalogue library
- assisted in establishing by Bell Labs of a computer center testing lab and
ongoing technical partnership with the school
- member academic committee
- researcher/author for $500.00 grant from National Association of College
Admission Counselors, Retention and Graduation of Black High School Students
in Integrated Colleges/Universities, 1984-1985
- regional representative to Enlarged Provincial Council for Eastern province of
the Congregation of the Holy Ghost for the Chicago Region
- redesigned Guidance & Counseling Department to Pupil Personnel Department
- computerization of department and records
- recruitment of graduate students to augment Guidance & Counseling
Department, to establish Forensic Program & to establish first high school PAX
Christi chapter
Mick Maurer
Mick Maurer and Daniel Berrigan
Rev. Daniel Berrigan, SJ (center) confessor, poet, peacemaker,
and teacher. Since the early 1970s, Dan has lived at the West
Side Jesuit Community in New York City, where he also
ministers to persons with AIDS. To date, he has published thirty
four books of poetry, prose and drama.
He spoke in 1984 to the
Pax Christi Chapter at Hales, the first such high school chapter.
Hales Franciscan is an all male, predominately African American and Latino,
private Catholic high school run by the Franciscan Friars on the South Side of
Chicago. 360 students.  These are the same Franciscans that staff my childhood
parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Oakville, Mo.  Hales was founded in 1962 to
educate young African-American men
"Unto Perfect Manhood" by devoting
themselves to excellence in their life work; encouraging service in their
communities; preparing them for a successful college experience.
St Francis De Sales High School - Chicago, IL.
Academic Counselor, St. Francis De Sales High School, Chicago, IL     
September 1979 - August 1980
- coordination & administration of ACT/PSAT Testing Program
- coordination of College Admission Fair
- college admission counseling & scholarship application and referral
- maintenance of college catalogue library
- facilitator college survival skills program
teacher night school/summer school for Sociology & English Literature
Rev. Francis Chiaramonte, CSSp, DMin., Principal of
SFDSHS in 1979-1980 & co-founder of the Ecclesia
Center, Erie, PA  in 1981.  
Father Frank was a true
mentor instrumental in my studying for the
Congregation of the Holy Ghost.
 In 1979 he gave me
my first high school teaching & school counseling job.
Frank is also a graduate of the
Chicago Theological
Mick Maurer
Mick Maurer
Since 1962 St. Francis de Sales High School has been sponsored by
the Archdiocese of Chicago. It is a co-educational Catholic high school
that draws its student body from almost every neighborhood on the
southeast side of the city of Chicago, the surrounding southern
suburbs and northwest Indiana. 375 students.
My profession of temporary vows in the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, 1982, at the
North American Spiritan Novitiate in Farnham, Quebec. To my right is the Very Rev. Franz
Timmermans, CSSp then the Superior General of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost. I
was in vows from 1982-1990. Laval House Pre-Novitiate 1980-1981, North American
Novitiate 1981-1982, Theological Studies 1982-1985.
High School Teaching Experience
--unto perfect manhood--

Kyle F. Walsh, MA (now Ph.D.) was a
student of mine at Holy Ghost Prep.  
Dr. Walsh also attended the
Philadelphia School for  
Psychoanalysis, and gave me the
honor of serving on his doctoral thesis
defense committee for Union Institute
in 2001.

Dr Maurer served as the Clinical Editor
and Interviewer of
Effective Parenting
10 Steps to ADDing Good Behavior!
Residence of the  Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers.

Historically an African-American, all-male,
Catholic college preparatory high school in
the State of Illinois and one of three such
institutions in the nation.

While working at Hales Franciscan I graduated from both Catholic
Theological Union (CTU) with an MTS in Spirituality in 1984, and then
from Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) with a DMin in Pastoral
Counseling in 1985.  Picture is from my CTS graduation with Fr.
Arthur Anderson, OFM from Hales in attendance.